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James Caan and Hattie HasanJames Caan

I was lucky enough to meet and spend some time with James in London in Oct. He was speaking at a fabulous event in London run by good friends of mine.

My favourite part of the day was when he told us his secret to success. We were all agog as he said with a smile on his face, "it's all about......stroking the beard in exactly the right way" Loved that day. Thanks a bundle James.

Jeremy Gilley

I was bowled over to meet Jeremy quite by surprise in London. On a depressed night in 2008 when I was about to give up on the Global Ball, I turned on the TV to catch Jeremy's inspirational story of how he made it is mission and his dream to have one day of peace on the whole planet. His tireless efforts, his heartbreak and his eventual success at gaining the imagination of the world and the UN. Peace One Day (that day is 21st Sept) enables millions of children to be vaccinated, food and humanitarian aid to be delivered and millions of lives to be enriched on this day when all hostilities around the globe cease. His story filled me with new hope that one person can change the world. It was awesome being in the same room as you Jeremy. Here I am with Jeremy and Daniel Priestley at a POD event in London

Mike Harris and Hattie HasanMike Harris

It's not everyday you get to spend time with one of the most successful British business men, and I am lucky enough to say that I have looked after Mike on more than one occasion. A quiet unassuming man with a genius of activity in his head. His goal is always to 'make a dent in the universe'. Well Mike you certainly achieved that when you changed the face of banking with EGG and FIRST DIRECT. It's always good to sit and eat with you and dent the universe together. In December 2010 I won the Triumphant Pitch-Fest competition and spent 2 days working on my perfect pitch with Mike Harris as my personal mentor.


Helen Urwin and Hattie HasanHelen Urwin

One of the most successful business women in the UK. Helen has taken brands like Mars, Kellog's and Uncle Ben's and put the archetypal heart into them.

Helen's guiding star gave me a new perspective on my business and was a truly life affirming experience.

Billy Schwer

What a pleasure it was to host Billy in Blackpool in November 2008 as he shared his stories to a room full of teenagers.

Billy is a fabulous example of how from humble beginnings greatness can come. A shining example of determination, guts and a strong will to succeed is why it is always fun and inspirational to be around him. Billy travels the country inspiring youngsters and business owners to reach for the top.

A great day with you Billy and... thanks for lunch. :)


Richard Reed

What a story! What a drink. Richard Reed and his pals had no qualms in saying they wanted to make something THEY wanted. A drink that's good for you and made using actual fruit. Innocent drinks are now everywhere and Richard gets my vote for his support of fair trading, women employees. (he gives them a great maternity package and cash to help them while they're not earning... Cool!)

Getrude Matsche and Hattie HasanGetrude Matshe

Not a nice picture of me, but this is really about Getrude and her amazing story from Zimbabwe to New Zealand. Arriving with nothing and building a business supplying extras to Peter Jackson for his epic 'Lord of The Rings'

Getrude's book "Born on The Continent" is the story of AIDS in Zimbabwe. All proceeds from the book go back to Africa to help support the people who have been so badly affected by the disease. I am so honoured that you are my friend.

Molly Bedingfield and Hattie HasanMolly Bedingfield

Molly and I struck up our friendship in September 2007 when I first approached her to be the conduit through which £25,000 was given to The Hunger Project. Being the mother of famous children has not gone to Molly's head, but it has meant that The Global Angels has brought awareness of the plight of children around the world to the younger generation. Her work has and continues to have a great impact on children's lives and it was a great honour to have her officiate over the money. Thanks Molly.

Mike Southon and Hattie HasanMike Southon

'Beermat Entrepreneur' good friend and mentor, it's always great to not only talk with Mike, but also to host him on a number of occasions in the North West. He is doing fabulous work for entrepreneurs in his weekly column in FT, and his generousity knows no bounds. He even let us have Mike Fab-Gere for our 2007 Extraordinary Ball where we raised £25,000 for empowerment projects for women in India.

Michelle Clarke and Hattie HasanMichelle Clarke

Great friend and mastermind buddy. Michelle left her corporate life in charge of M & S at its peak to pursue her dream. To see World Wide Wealth in her lifetime. This is when we met and created our own North West network of Social Entrepreneurs as part of the global network. Michelle's energy is boundless. Now she combines both showing corporates that they can be in flow, and be socially responsible too.

Roger Hamilton and Hattie HasanRoger James Hamilton

First met Roger in Sept 2006. I was immediately drawn to his system Wealth Dynamics and in fact now co own a business proving Wealth Dynamics techniques to business owners corporates and individuals. One night sitting at his home in Bali Roger brings out a pack of cards and starts with his tricks. I believe in magic but I also know a trick when I see it. I say, "I know the card I'm sitting on didn't get there by magic. What WAS magic was how you made me 'chose' that card" Roger has been a fabulous inspiration to me and many entrepreneurs world wide. I am glad to call him my friend.

Have a JD on me Roger. :)

Kevin Green and Hattie HasanKevin Green

Living in the countryside is no hinderance to business. Kevin grew up on a farm in Wales. He went from driving tractors to Ferraris and built himself a multimillion pound empire. Conducting business whilst looking out on a field of sheep is something we have in common. There is no place on earth where business cannot thrive. From micro-finance in Bangladesh to big city trading, money flows. To see Kevin on Channel 4's 'Secret Millionaire' was a treat. Well done Kev.




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