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One of the first companies of women plumbers in the UK. Est 1990 and now covering areas all over the UK. Stopcocks Women Plumbers is the first and only national network of women plumbers in the world. We directly address the problems women have in gaining employment in the manual trades by helping them to gain experience, and then set up in business for themselves with the specific training in 'How to be a Stopcocks Woman plumber'. We create the next generation of women plumbers and then promote them. Our aim is to have Stopcocks represented in every major town and city in the UK by 2015. Customers have been trained to expect the worst when it comes to having tradesmen in their homes. Stopcocks is founded on respect, quality of service, peace of mind and aftercare. We will change the customer experience from fearing the worst, to expecting the best. The industry as a whole will be affected, not only because more women will be plumbers, but because the customers will vote with their feet. Stopcocks is more than a company of women plumbers. It is the infrastructure needed to create strong, confident women, visible, in business for themselves, demonstrating that women can rise to any challenge, exceed all expectations and triumph!

I am often asked to speak to entrepreneurs and young women. Here I spoke to 500 Entrepreneurs at London's Mermaid Theatre about becoming a Key Person of Influence.


The joy of Plumbing Book

In January 2011, I published my first book. The Joy of Plumbing-A guide to living the life you really, really want. The book is a culmination of 20 years in the male dominated industry. Peppered with stories from my own experience the book is aimed at all generations of women, from young women, who have not yet formed their identities to older women wishing to reinvent themselves.

The publication of the book has added to my appearances on national and local media including BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour and The Independent. Click on the book for free downloads and more. See our Media Collage here



Genuine Power Solutions logo providing genuine solutions

Created in Jan 2009 to provide power solutions to businesses in Gibraltar. GPS (Global) now provides solar hot water to hotels in Gibraltar, Spain and Portugal and is looking to create carbon neutral offices throughout Europe. Next stop South Africa. With its remit to train a local workforce to carry out installations money is pumped back into local economies creating a truly 'Genuine and sustainable power solution'.



Extraordinary Balls- Raising money for charity and having a ball doing it

Raised £25,000 for the Hunger Project and won Hattie a place on the Courvoisier The Future 500 list of 2008 as a business woman to watch out for. One of the most audacious moves in 2008 to arrange The Global Ball starting in New Zealand and travelling across the globe passing through Australia, SE Asia, India South Africa and ending in London. The ball galvanized action across the globe even though the event itself didn't go ahead, it created a buzz that culminated in a world wide movement amongst entrepreneurs towards effective giving.


There are only 8 paths to wealth, which one is yours?Using the revolutionary system of Wealth Dynamics and the new Wealth Spectrum, this company coaches entrepreneurs to success and provides short, medium and long term strategies for corporate clients, leadership teams and individuals. Defining wealth as 'what you're left with when the money is gone' allows one to truly align with one's purpose to gain clarity, knowledge and create an action strategy that is effective and sustainable.©   2009